Carpet Cleaning

Specialist carpet cleaning - Coastal Cleaning ServicesYour carpet acts like a sink.  It collects and filters almost every spilled material, airborne contaminant and tracked soiling that enters your home.

It is very important to consider bacteria, allergens and pollutants, which can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment, affecting people with allergy problems.

Pets transfer hair and soil directly into the carpet pile, and soil trapped at the base of pile in carpet will grind the fibre away causing the carpet to wear prematurely and cause costly replacement.

Regularly carpet cleaning breathes new life into floor coverings, keeping your house and home a healthy and happy environment. Using Eco Friendly carpet cleaning solutions, detergent free, and fully biodegradeable, these new measures in cleaning solutions provide a cleaner, and safer quality of  life for your home, wife, husband, partners, children, and pets.

The Cleaning equipment is the most powerful, portable  machinery in the U.K. The Jaguar 6.6.

An 11 Step process is used to clean your carpet!!!!

This is a professional carpet clean, not a one -up from a hired machine, with someone else doing the hard work! (by the way, by the time you hire the machine, buy whatever chemicals, collect and return, and actually DO the job, you really need to do the sums!)

Click on the process if you wish to see the service. (11 step cleaning, on the right hand side)

If you have invested in quality carpeting, it is worthwhile keeping it in excellent condition, Coastal Cleaning Services offer a Maintenance Plan which can easily spread the cost of keeping your furnishings in pristine condition.

Coastal Cleaning Services is also a WOOLSAFE APPROVED SERVICE PROVIDER.

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