11 Step Carpet Cleaning Process.

1/Pre Inspection. Visual inspection of the carpet, identification of stains, etc. evaluation of expected results.

2/ Pre Vacuum. Dry Soil removal One of the most important steps in cleaning.

3/ Furniture moving. Normal, easily moved items are included in costing, larger items are discussed.

4/Spot/ Stains if known are treated pre clean.

5/Pre-Spray. Preconditioning agent/ Cleaner is applied.

6/ Agitation/ Pre groom to loosen soil further.

7/ Soil extraction and Rinse. Powerful rinse and extraction, twin vacuum leaves carpets dry in minimum time.

8/  Carpet Neutraliser. PH balanced application ensures that your carpet has no sticky residue left behind. Also gives your carpet a ‘soft fresh’ feel.

9/Further treatment may be required on some stubborn stains, this will be  treated at this stage, must note that some stains may have ‘set’ prior to our cleaning regime.

10/Groom. Carpet Pile will be set, helps carpet to dry faster and in the correct position.

11/Post clean Inspection. Visual inspection of the completed job to make sure you are totally happy.